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Are you not current with your income tax return filing obligations?

There is a statute of limitations on obtaining income tax refunds. If you are due a tax refund you must file a tax return to claim refund within three years of the filing deadline or alternatively two years from the date the tax was paid. Do not lose your tax return refund.

Read our guide Unfiled Tax Returns 101.

If there is a balance due on your delinquent but soon to be filed tax returns be prepared to be hit with interest and penalties. Therefore, the sooner you file your delinquent tax returns the better. Additionally, the statute of limitations stopping the IRS from auditing a tax period does not begin until a tax return is filed.

If you “forget” to file your income tax return, the IRS may file a tax return for you based on information reported by 3rd parties. This information reported to the IRS may be used to generate a Substitute For Return (SFR) for taxpayers that have not filed. You do not want the IRS to prepare your tax return! The IRS will only generate a Substitute Tax Return if doing so will create a tax bill.  Additionally, the balance due on this SFR may be overstated because the IRS will not take advantage of all the credits and deductions available.

We offer a complimentary consultation while other firms charge a $500 initial consultation fee.  Scheduling an appointment with me is a no brainer!

Peter Alizio, CPA, ESQ.

• New York State & U.S. Tax Court

• Boston University: B.S. in Business Administration
• Boston University: Certificate in Advanced Accountancy
• C.W. Post, LI University: M.S. in Taxation
• St. John’s University School of Law: Juris Doctor

Professional License
• New York Certified Public Accountant

Professional Memberships
• The Nassau County Bar Association (NCBA)
• The American Academy of Attorney-CPAs
• The New York State Society of CPAs (NYSSCPA)

Professional Committees
• NYSSCPA: Taxation of Individuals Committee
• NYSSCPA: Partnership Tax Committee
• NCBA: Attorney/Accountant Committee
• NCBA: Tax Law Committee

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